Vencomatic North America offers a full line of bird friendly equipment for broilers, layers and broiler breeders. The product line includes the Vencomatic nesting options, slats, and egg transport as well as Prinzen egg handling systems. With solid construction and innovative solutions, Vencomatic North America can build a poultry management system that will meet the needs of any welfare oriented producer.

Aviary Systems for Layers

With the ever changing regulations surrounding cage-free production, aviary systems are increasingly the best way to keep one step ahead of the regulators. The Vencomatic line of aviary nesting systems and our unique rearing system, meet even the most stringent regulations in the world. The Vencomatic Aviary Systems can be installed in new construction or retrofitted to existing buildings.

Nests & Slat Systems

Vencomatic offers solutions for producers of any size. A leader in the nesting industry, Vencomatic designs have now become industry standards. With tip floor technology, and gentle egg belts, all of the Vencomatic Classic line of nests reduce floor eggs and broodiness. Combined with any of the slats that Vencomatic sells, producers can improve their production numbers.

Prinzen Egg Handling Equipment

Vencomatic offers the full line of Prinzen equipment. Prinzen is a name that has become synonymous with egg handling. Creating gentle, efficient means of egg collecting and packing, their equipment can save time and money, and reduce breakage for better margins. The points down setting that Prinzen has perfected also improves hatching rates. When Prinzen equipment is combined with Vencomatic conveyance systems, the efficiency can be breathtaking.

Broiler Rearing Systems

Broiler Rearing Systems integrate portions of the production of broilers into a single step. They help increase efficiency from the hatchery through to finished product

Egg Transportation

Centralizing egg collection can improve efficiency on a farm enormously. This is why Vencomatic offers their Vencobelt system that can take eggs from all barns in an operation to a single collection room. The Vencobelt system can be retrofitted to any building and accommodate any path, even integrating the Vencomatic Egg Elevator if need be.

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